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Slow deco

n.f :
A decoration which privileges planet, authenticity, sustainability, beauty, goodness, quality, local, healthy, well-being at home.

Hello, I am Nina

I nurtured a sensitivity to the things and materials that surround us, and how they affect us, growing up in a wooden house in the country, surrounded by handcrafted objects brought from all over the world.

In 2015, I move into a new apartment and decide to make it a cocoon in my own image. I am already concerned about my impact on the planet and am naturally interested in the objects and furniture I acquire. But nobody talks about slow deco, eco-responsible decoration is far from being desirable, and existing solutions are difficult to identify. I decide to share the fruit of my research on a blog, the first stone of what will become My Green Cocoon.

Since then, I have been working to democratize eco-responsible decoration through articles, a directory, online courses; and to accompany professionals in the sector on a market still unknown with a branding and communication agency dedicated to them.