10 tips to invite slow life into your cocoon

I invited Cindy Chapelle, sophrologist, author of several wellness books and founder of LaSlowLife.fr, she now offers coaching to help you switch to slow life mode. She gives you some tips on how to bring slow life into your home!

Inviting slow life into your home is above all about creating an authentic, natural and simple atmosphere. And it is also an opportunity to make your home an inspiring cocoon, conducive to creativity and well-being. To integrate slow life into your daily life, start by making it a reality in the heart of your home in 10 tips!

The slow movement began in the 1980s. From now on, slow life has become a real way of life. Much more than a simple trend, it is a philosophy of life that invites people to lead a life that respects themselves, others and the environment by seeking to slow down gently. Slowing down does not mean getting in step with the snail, but taking a step back. In the context of consumption, for example, being slow consists, among other things, in reducing purchases, giving priority to quality over quantity, and encouraging local production. And to adopt slow life, what could be better than to start by inspiring your interior?

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Select objects

Before you bring new objects into your home, take the time to ask yourself if they will really fit in. This will allow you to avoid an unnecessary purchase, to favour a slower object or to decide to make a decorative object yourself.

Express yourself in the kitchen

A kitchen that expresses itself is an interior that lives! Enjoy being active in the kitchen by carefully choosing your food. A gourmet perfume that floods the room is an opportunity to savour a delicious moment of sharing.

Create a workshop area

To boost your creativity and make your task easier, create a workshop area. A beautiful small desk, paint, pencils, knitting drawer… Take pleasure in arranging your workshop in your image and according to what you want to create with your hands.

Bringing in nature

Inviting nature into its cocoon is a bit like erasing the walls that separate us from the outside. Nature is fundamental to our well-being and caring for plants helps to rebuild this essential bond and keep pace with the seasons.

Retrieve objects

Rather than buying, hunting is a good option to dress up your home with vintage touches. Similarly, collecting objects from friends who are moving, from an aunt who is changing the decor of her living room and others, allows you to create stories around her interior decor.

Make with your hands

Slow life is also about making with your hands. A way to create your own decorative objects and strengthen your self-confidence through your achievements. Nice moments of creation in perspective, fully focused on his task with the added bonus of a good training to get used to doing one thing at a time!

Adopt a meditation cushion

The practice of meditation allows us to anchor ourselves in the present moment, to connect with our bodies, our sensations, our emotions, the sounds that surround us. Get into the habit of meditating regularly in your living room, for example, and so calm your inner agitation.

Focus on lighting

In the evening, the atmosphere can be softened to create a warm and intimate cocoon. The opportunity to listen to music or why not have a reading… This quiet setting is also ideal for falling asleep peacefully.

Getting started on the ukulele

Music is good for us. A ukulele is both a very nice decorative object and an instrument that is easy to play. Five chords are enough to get started. You will be even prouder to spread this sweet sound in your home yourself.

Create a wellness ritual

Taking care of yourself, an essential principle to switch to slow life mode. Regularly transform your bathroom into a spa. Light a few candles and treat yourself to homemade wellness treatments using eco-friendly cosmetics.

Thank you Cindy !

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