Sensorial decoration by Ilse Crawford

Slow deco is also a decoration that allows us to make our home a place of fulfilment where we can recharge our batteries. Today’s decoration is mainly visual. The perfect aesthetics of photos of decorating brands and magazines is proof of this.

Yet the human being has five senses, even six. This is the philosophy developed by Ilse Crawford, founder of ELLE DECORATION magazine, which she left in 1998 to create her own interior design company: Studio Ilse. In her now famous books Sensual Home (La Maison du Bien-Être in French) and Home is where the heart is ? in particular, she develops the idea of an interior design guided by our senses and needs. His books have become Bibles to me. Industrial designer Jinsop Lee, in his TEDx conference on sensory design, explains his theory that what makes sex so good is that it stimulates each of the five senses in a high way. Then why satisfy only your eyes? This article is an invitation to reconnect with your senses and yourself, far from the clichés of trendy decoration.

Sensorial decoration

It is a decoration that will stimulate all our senses according to our personality. Ilse Crawford is certainly its ambassador. It develops the importance of stimulating our senses to live in harmony and balance with ourselves.

Depending on the sensitivity of each person, we are more sensitive to what we see (visual), what we hear (auditory) or what we touch (kinesthetic), and what we feel in general. 

Ilse Crawford re-considers our primary needs and ensures that they are met. One of the most striking examples is the interest of having a rocking chair or a hammock. This type of object allows you to rock and regain the feeling of your mother’s arms.

Your home may already be full of elements that stimulate your senses, and it would only be a matter of becoming aware of them in the way of a short meditation by connecting to the present moment and the objects that surround us.

Some ideas to awaken your senses…

The sense of sight

Colours, volumes, lighting effects are already the decision-making elements of our decorative selections. Let yourself be guided by those who touch you the most, without taking trends into account. It is always a good idea to find out beforehand about the impact of colours on our minds (red opens up the appetite and stimulates, blue and green calmly…). Surround yourself with works of art, a friend or a renowned artist, whatever.

The sense of smell

A bouquet of fresh flowers, plants here and there, a few drops of essential oils on a natural diffuser, a natural or vegetable candle (beware of industrial candles, incense and armenian papers that emanate compounds harmful to our health).

The sense of touch

Diversify the natural materials of floors, walls, furniture, objects (wood, ceramics, metal, etc.), diversify the textiles of curtains, cushions, sofas, bedding (linen, silk, cotton, etc.), have a soft blanket always available (or a cat!), spread carpets throughout the house, and walk barefoot.

The sens of hearing

A loudspeaker or a small radio in your favourite rooms, sing at the top of your lungs, pay more attention to existing noises such as the crackling of a candle, a wood fire, or the path of your guests.

The taste

Choose healthy and tasty foods, meals cooked with love and shared with those you love.

In general, surrounding yourself with objects you care about is a way to stimulate your memories and the sensations that are associated with them.

“The objects are linked to our personal history and convey a symbolism according to cultures, peoples, history, etc. These symbols represent an abstract idea and arouse emotion.”

Sources : by clicking on each photo

Does sensorial decoration mean anything to you ?

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