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I am Véronique Vermeeren, Creator of a 100% linen universe and passionate about this natural and local textile fibre.
At the age of 40, I decided to change my professional life, to challenge myself and create my own 100% linen brand, LINA LUXE® – “LINA” for women’s linen and “LUXE” for light.
LINA LUXE® is a collection of 100% European linen items designed and made by me in my workshop located in Nivelles (Belgium):
* Table & kitchen linen
* Bed & Bath linen
* Decorative items and scarves
I also offer you my decorative advice and a tailor-made service provided by me: table linen, bed linen, draperies, curtains and linen blinds.

The goal?
* Promote a local textile fibre by revealing its natural properties: each product family is linked to a natural property of flax.
* Enhance local know-how

My mission?
* Offer quality, natural and durable household linen that will make your life easier and give character to your “home sweet home” in the spirit of “Green Deco”.

Discover a collection of pure linen household linens, a natural, local and eco-responsible fibre.



My working material is flax, flax that grows in Belgium and France.
As a corresponding member of the Flax Confederation, I buy exclusively from other members of the flax industry, which allows me to control the origin of flax and its quality.
The linens used to make my collections are labelled “Masters of Linen” = 100% European traceability with high added value.
Oeko-Tex certified tinted linens.
Most of the collections are made by me.


From the plant to the yarn and fabric, everything happens in Europe (Belgium, France, Italy, Lithuania).
The production is carried out in Belgium (Nivelles) and Lithuania.


All the manufacturing steps are carried out with the know-how of linen, by me in my workshop or in my weaver’s workshop.


The Oeko-Tex label certifies that the selected flax is healthy.


Orders are packed using recycled and/or recyclable materials.
I prefer paper and cardboard but to protect the items from humidity, they are packed in 100% biodegradable and compostable bags made from renewable resources (corn starch).


as a decorator

My philosophy of slow deco is a decoration inspired by nature, a simple decoration that goes to the essentials. Slow deco allows us to design a pleasant and eco-responsible “home sweet home” where we find natural materials, articles made with know-how by a craftsman <3.

Many of us pay attention to the foods we eat and prefer organic products, from the short circuit. But today, it is also important to be aware of the air we breathe in our homes. The textiles that surround us are toxic and pollute our homes. It is therefore time to focus on natural textile fibres from our region. By making linen household linen, it is also this message that I want to convey. I am a designer but I also have a mission to raise awareness and transmit local know-how by giving the best of myself by using a textile fibre that grows around me.


Atelier (no public welcome) :

Nivelles, Wallonie, Belgique

Phone : 00 32 485 074 902


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