Unalhome design

UNALHOME Design offers solutions for decoration, optimization and interior design.

My little something extra: concerned about the environment and the human relationship.

My values can be summarized in 3 words: Listening, Trust and Well-being.
This can be done through feng-shui, but also by returning to simple, natural things, by giving priority to quality in an ecological and sustainable approach.

Each one being different, we will write your “story” together, a unique project, which will meet your needs, your budget and your lifestyle.


Slow deco for me, allows me to get back to the basics, to make the right choices (in terms of purchase, choice of materials…) and to focus on quality.

My eco-responsible approach is to offer as many natural materials as possible and also to work with local craftsmen, not only to buy new but also to search, to give a new look to a piece of furniture that we already have, to know how to recycle.

Through my job, I want to make my customers aware of what I am creating on a daily basis from a personal point of view (zero waste, choice of materials…) and to bring well-being (personalization of the project, feng-shui…) To obtain a beautiful decoration for the eyes and where it is good to live!
We say “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, that’s what I would like to share, to feel good in your home, while limiting indoor pollution and getting the healthiest interior possible.


Head Office (no public welcome) :

Torcy, Île-de-France, France

Phone : 0602591888