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Orchid Edition wants to bring the know-how around rattan up to date through design. Small series, work on the material, highlighting the know-how around the manufacture of rattan furniture.

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Rattan comes from Indonesian tropical forests (mainly Borneo and Sumatra). There are several hundred varieties of rattan, each with different characteristics, each with a different harvesting location. There are therefore a multitude of harvesting sites for the collection.
The processing of the material (from a vine covered with thorns to a piece of rattan that can be used for manufacturing) is also carried out in Indonesia. Only cane is braided in China.
The metal also comes from Indonesia.
We work mainly with Gabriel fabrics (made in Denmark).


The processing of the material is done in Indonesia. Caning is done in China.
The manufacture of furniture, the double braiding of the cane, the assembly and finishing are also carried out in Indonesia in a company with which we have been working for more than 50 years.
The cushions and the making of the Gabriel fabrics are made next door to us in the North of France.


The manufacture of rattan furniture is essentially manual. There is no machine, only the know-how of the master craftsmen of rattan allows the manufacture of our furniture. Rattan is a natural material, each piece reacts in a totally unique way and it takes years of experience to “feel” how to handle it.
With Orchid Edition, we wanted to highlight the incredible know-how behind the manufacture of rattan furniture.


Water-based varnishes


Simple cardboard packaging.
Depending on the orders, everything leaves Indonesia (boat) directly from our customers or from us (classic furniture carrier due to the size of the parts).


Showroom :

73 Rue Thomas Becket, Halluin, Hauts-de-France, France

Phone : 0320238976


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