La Lune

La Lune is an online site that offers decorative objects and vintage and/or handmade furniture.
A sharp selection of beautiful objects with a soul for a singular and reasoned decoration. Curiosities of all kinds: icon of design or anonymous piece, La Lune favours beautiful lines and noble materials.
La Lune also finds beautiful pieces from craftsmen in France or Europe who are concerned about their practice.
The philosophy of La Lune is well reflected in the words of Wiliam Morris (father of the Art&Craft movement): “Let there be nothing in your house that you do not know is useful, or think you are beautiful.”

La Lune was born from the desire to highlight another relationship with objects, time and beautiful materials. This project is accompanied by a change in life and environment, it is the result of these reflections, it tries to be as close as possible to its values. To give new life to what already exists, to create by taking the time, respecting the body of the one who produces, while surrounding oneself with objects that please the eyes. The approach is global. It is time to invent ways to resist the unbridled consumption that is destroying our world: greedy and desirable means.

In the same spirit, La Lune will soon offer you its services as an interior designer.



France mainly, and occasionally in Europe, when travelling.


La Lune favours manual sanding over chemicals and water-based paints. As well as the methods of grandmothers, linseed oil or wax to give a new lease of life to her little discoveries.


La Lune favours beautiful lines, rather singular objects that make an eye on it, they can be iconic pieces, but also modest pieces that nevertheless reflect the taste of their creator. Wood species, rattan, sandstone are among the materials present and favoured, for a warm decoration.


– Clementine Roche (ceramic)
– Denis Castaing (ceramics)
– Emmanuel Chevrel (ceramics)
– The baskets of the Oze (basketry)
The list of craftsmen proposed and expected to grow.


La Lune favours grouped transport and short trips. Recycled cardboard packaging. The methods can still be improved, and we are still thinking about better solutions.


Atelier (no public welcome) :

Thenissey, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

Phone : 0674695403


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