KOK Maison is a family brand of rattan furniture. Since 1920, the Ledi-Krol family has been offering furniture and accessories woven and manufactured from this incredible material, which grows in Indonesia’s tropical forests. In recent years, it has also diversified by offering other materials (recycled teak, Lloyd loom, resin) but with a passion: to promote know-how and offer durable and warm furniture.

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Rattan comes from Indonesian tropical forests (mainly Borneo and Sumatra).
Teak is recycled from old Indonesian houses + FSC certificate.
The resin is certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, 100% recyclable and also manufactured in Indonesia.


Indonesia (different cities depending on the subjects but mainly in Java).


Rattan is essentially a material that cannot be processed by machines. Everything is therefore handmade. The same goes for teak.
Even the resin is braided by hand.
It requires a lot of technical expertise to do this, we work with companies that value the know-how and experience of master craftsmen and rattan weavers.


On most of our rattan ranges, no varnish or chemical protection is required: the bark of rattan, rich in silica, is sufficient.
Our teak is untreated.
The resin is VOC-free and 100% recyclable (and by the way, it does not release any harmful substances if it burns).


Most of the furniture comes with a reduced packaging, which we use mainly to deliver to our professional customers. For private individuals, we are obliged to reinforce the packaging (only cardboard, often recovered).
Shipping from Indonesia to France.


Showroom :

73 Rue Thomas Becket, Halluin, Hauts-de-France, France

Phone : 0320238976


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