Ilaria Fatone

Interior Design. Sleek interiors, soothing atmospheres, places to live (and work) where you feel good and where you want to spend time. It seems so simple, so obvious…

Italian and settled in France for many years, I am an Art Historian who has decided to finally make her lifelong passion her profession. Assumed self-taught, I coordinate interior design projects (with or without renovation), to breathe new life into interiors in search of a new soul.

From colour or decoration advice at home to the complete follow-up of a renovation and/or decoration project, each project is built thanks to the relationship of trust that is established with customers, to the many exchanges that make the project evolve, to the inspirations and desires that feed it. An essential journey that leads to a radical change in your interior, so that you and your loved ones can feel good in it, in an atmosphere that is unique to you and that corresponds to your lifestyle and needs.


Slow Living, Minimalism, Pure. Words that accompany my daily work…

… by the work of writing on the Journal of my site. Since 2012, these themes have been at the heart of my activity, inspiring each of my projects, and are the key words that guide my choices.

… thanks to the Minimalist Workshops that I have been organising since 2014 with advice, suggestions and rituals to “learn to live better with less”, to learn to separate from the superfluous in order to find more airy, free and open spaces. Tidying up is good, but having less is even better!

… but above all, through my interior design projects, whether it is renovation, pure decoration, decoration advice, decoration/colours, I try to breathe new energy into the places, through colour, natural materials, the fluidity of the spaces. But above all by a refined lifestyle and simple and essential inspirations.

We can change our decoration habits, while keeping our passion for the Object. I remain convinced that the well-being obtained thanks to a brighter, calmer environment is even more important when Beauty accompanies it.


Head Office (no public welcome) :

Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

Phone : 0689320022