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4th December

ON A LA SOLUTION, FRANCE 3- Eco-logis, les solutions pour un habitat sain et confortable

4 project leaders highlighted on the theme of sustainable housing: Cédric Daniel – Twiza network for eco-construction:, Clément Chabot – Low Tech Lab for open source access to everyday low technologies:, Jean-Christophe Benis – Mayor of Hédé-Bazougues, the first village to have built an eco-neighborhood and Nina Chardin – Platform dedicated to eco-responsible and healthy decoration:

Sustainable slow ceramic

Crafts are not always ecological. Deciphering a ceramic production that respects the environment and its craftsman.

Immersion in a resourcery

New modern flea markets are bringing new life and promoting objects that no one wants anymore: resourceries, also known as recycling.

Sustainable household linen

The setbacks of the textile industry in the clothing industry are the same for the decoration sector. Guide of materials to avoid and those to favour.