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Choosing the colour of the paint in our future living room is a big deal, so usually we just check that a paint is rated A+ to make sure it is eco-responsible. In this case, the quantity of fumes accepted to obtain the A+ rating is very high. Some paint brands have well understood the problem, and offer really ecological and healthy paints for a healthy home.

Harmful & polluting paints


By drying the paints release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) dangerous to health: asthma, respiratory problems, neurological problems, carcinogenic risks… These VOCs remain in the air for months or even years, after the paint has been applied.

Since 2012, the label for emissions into indoor air has been mandatory on all paint cans. The rating ranges from A+ to C and corresponds to the amount of VOCs emitted 28 days after painting. That is to say that the rating A+ means that the amount of VOC emitted is less than or equal to 30g/L (NF Environnement criteria). What we’re not telling you is that 30g/L is huge!

We spend more than 80% of our time in our interiors, where the air is 10 times more polluted than outside, and the fumes from our paintings play a very significant role.


Many brands misuse consumers’ ignorance and declare themselves “eco-responsible” or sell “natural paint”, which sometimes remains very polluting. For example, a water-based paint only means that the solvent used is water. These are acrylic paints, so they are of oil origin. These paints are a little less polluting but still very harmful!

A great article to go further right here.

The case of baby rooms

Babies are more sensitive than adults to these toxic paint fumes. This is why this particular piece in particular requires us to be vigilant. If you are concerned about the smell of a paint, this is not the only factor to consider. Choose one of the paintings listed below. If it is too late, you can get a natural air purifier made in France Blooow that captures VOC pollutants and formaldehyde.

Choose a healthy and ecological paint for a slow deco

It is composed of:

  • A mineral or vegetable binder
  • A water solvent
  • Liquid pigments
  • Equal colour, made in France, or at least in Europe.


painting ecological ethic and healthy

Some trusted and made in France brands

Pure & Paint

  • Interior and exterior paints composed of more than 95% renewable natural raw materials 97% biodegradable (organic rapeseed oil labelled Eco-cert, wood and linseed oil, liquid pigments), free of phthalates and petroleum derivatives

  • Interior paints are available in primer, matt, velvet, silky, satin, oil and exterior paints in matt, satin oil

  • Emission of 0.001g/L VOC (30,000 times less than a commercially available A+ paint)

  • 130 shades

  • On-demand production thanks to a specific machine, which avoids overproduction and waste

  • From 32€/L at the showroom in Lyon or at one of the resellers

This is the brand we have used at home and we are delighted with it. Even the painter was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the paint and the near absence of smell. Pure&Paint was the pioneer of eco-responsible painting in France. I had met the founder Corinne in her showroom in Lyon and I had been won over by her philosophy.


  • Paint that is more than 70% recycled: 28 million litres of paint incinerated each year in France, or 150,000 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • 15 shades, satin finish + matt white


  • Biosourced paints composed of 95% biosourced resin of vegetable origin and sanitizing paint
  • 194 shades, 2 finishes (matt and velvet)
  • From 22,90€/L
Colibri had offered me to test their paintings, I strongly recommend that you use the kit to test before any order because the colors on the internet and the actual rendering can be very different.

Article first published on 20/02/2017 / Last update on 10/02/2019

Sources : by clicking on each photo & thumbnail

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