Green gift ideas for a slow Christmas

Unfortunately, Christmas today is a time of compulsive and unnecessary shopping. We have the feeling that it has become essential to buy gifts for all the people we will see during this Christmas season. It has become an obligation and has lost its meaning. How many objects purchased under duress and in haste manufactured on the other side of the world with a polluting production method? How many gifts offered by default will end up in the cupboards of the recipient? How many embarrassing, even disappointing moments when unpacking? What if we simply revive the very notion of “gift” by giving it to our ethical values?

“A gift is a common form of donation intended to please a natural person. By extension, it is something that makes others happy or less sad, a favor, an act of kindness and forgiveness. Usually, the gift is an act of surprise so that the person is as happy as possible.” Wikipédia


Put the gift back into a time frame in order to give it its primary role: to bring joy, special attention, a little love through the choice of a particular object. There is time for reflection, then time for selection, or design and manufacturing. With each gift I give, I explain what led me to choose or make this one for this particular person in order to give meaning to this act.

  • Like Anaelle from La Révolution des Tortues, I too note some gift ideas that my loved ones mentioned during the year. This allows me to keep the surprise effect, while being sure that it pleases.

  • I like to take the time to write down the first name of each person I love, and think of an object, an intention, that they would need. Something that brings her something positive, that touches her, that makes her happy. I let it settle for a few days, new ideas come, others fade away, to give way to the gift that seems most appropriate to me.

  • Ideally, you should start thinking about your Christmas gifts early: two months in advance is the time I need, for example.



I like to think, design and then make my hands an object specially designed for a particular person. I believe that our particularity, our passion, our talent, is the most beautiful thing we can offer to those we love. You don’t have to be a pro, just enjoy yourself, with love.

Are you manual?

A crochet potholder by Bonjour Tangerine
A calendar to be printed (or printed in a printing house labelled Imprim'Vert) by Mamie Boude
A cloth ready to be dyed with vegetable dye by Ferme Sauvage
A soy wax candle by L'atelier Green

Do you like to cook?

Herbal salt by Cuisine en bandoulière
Sugar-free granola recipe by Les Louves
Christmas tea by 100% Vegetable
Matcha tea cookies by Lina Bou

Rather musician, actor, singer ?

How about recording a song? A sketch? Why don’t you write a poem? Or organize a game in which you would be the conductor?


The purchase, in other words the acquisition of an object or service in exchange for money, has nothing wrong in itself. Christmas is intended to be an opportunity to gather, bring human warmth, share moments with those we love. So if you are not manual, you can opt for a conscious, positive and reasoned purchase chosen with love.

An ethical, solidarity, green object

You can fill up on decorative gift ideas by browsing the My Green Cocoon Shop.

A second-hand object

Second-hand sites, in decoration as in other fields, are more and more numerous. Between vintage pieces and newer, barely used objects, you may well find the rare gem.

If you have already found the ideal gift idea, you can check to see if someone is selling his or her gift on a second-hand site or in a recycling facility. The My Green Cocoon Shop also offers second-hand products.


The ecological trend we love is of course the furoshiki that comes from Japan. You can buy it, or even better, make it yourself from a piece of fabric that hangs in your closets. Why not dye it? It will be perfect for wrapping your ethical Christmas gift.

The ultra-simple method found on Les Confettis
Simone LeBlanc's DIY (Eyeswoon)

This year I also discovered his Korean version: the pojagi or bojagi. The fabric is a patchwork of second hand or new fabrics assembled in a geometric way. There is the idea of reusing scraps of fabric that seduces me enormously, but also the idea of assembling, of (coming together to form one…

To learn more about philosophy, I invite you to discover the sublime interview of Marie Lee by Marion (Etsideuxmains).

Alternatively, you can choose a reusable container (such as a jar or a nice box), last year’s leftover wrapping paper or a nice magazine page. Take a walk to pick up something to decorate them with plants collected from the wild.  As for the reusable solution, you can opt for a Zero Waste fabric bag that will serve as a packaging and gift in itself.


And you, what ethical Christmas gift are you going to offer this year ? 

Sources : by clicking on each photo

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