Green Cocoon Mention

The Green Cocoon Mention allows professionals to promote and recognize their approach & consumers to easily identify trusted companies.


It is a question of giving the consumer keys to read and allowing him to compare two products or companies according to identical criteria. The different elements of the charter are developed for each professional in the directory, and each product in the shop.



  1. Raw materials of local origin (Europe)
  2. Ecological materials (labelled and/or recycled)
  3. Local production (Europe)
  4. Artisanal and/or humanely ethical manufacturing
  5. Healthy end products (low VOC emission)
  6. Environmentally friendly packaging and transport


  1. Locally sourced products (Europe)
  2. Use of healthy and ecological treatment and finishing products
  3. Environmentally friendly packaging and transport


Approach and philosophy oriented towards an ecological approach and a healthy home.

mention label charte décoration éco-responsable écologique slow deco durable responsable

To receive the Green Cocoon Mention, professionals must meet a majority of the criteria of the Green Cocoon charter. In this case, they receive the logo of the mention they can claim on their site, their social networks and various communication media.

For the moment, I manage alone My Green Cocoon and the evaluation of brands based on my expertise acquired over the past few years. If, however, a professional seems to you to benefit from the mention without really justifying it, write to me.

Not all the professionals listed in the directory benefit from the mention, however, they all communicate in transparency on their approach. As a consumer, you can also share your opinion by leaving a comment at the bottom of a professional’s file in the directory.