Ecological and/or zero waste Christmas decoration

Christmas has become the emblem of the commercial celebration at will, with careful marketing, expansive over-consumption, useless and unreasonable purchases. This is true for gifts, but also for interior and exterior decoration: the Christmas tree, small objects, garlands, New Year’s Eve table,… The brands knock us out with visuals that are not very minimalist or eco-friendly. Why not decorate your home with the colours of slow Christmas? In other words, take the time to think about an ecological Christmas decoration that will be preserved for years to come.


Advent calendars on the market are made of plastic and offer unhealthy sweets. There are several solutions to overcome this.

Make your own advent calendar

You will find many ideas on Pinterest, here is a selection. As for completing it, I invite you to discover Clementine’s ideas.

calendrier de l'avent a faire soi meme diy écologique
An advent upcycling calendar based on recovery by Morganours (Plan B)
calendrier de l'avent noel a faire soi meme vintage écolo
A botanical advent calendar by Marie Claire Idées
calendrier kinfolk de l'avent diy a faire soi meme écologique
A Kinfolk Advent Calendar by Marie Claire Idées
calendrier de l'avent diy naturel
Kinfolk circular calendar by Découvrir Design

Buy a green advent calendar

There are now some composed of organic products: tea, chocolate, essential oils,… (I invite you to discover the selection of Soisbioetbatstoi) or even Comme sur un nuage composed of different organic granolas.

Opt for the reverse advent calendar

The principle is to give instead of receive. Every day, an object is placed in a box and given to an association on Christmas Eve. You can take advantage of this opportunity to start a minimalist approach by separating yourself from an object every day, knowing that they will go to people who need them. They may also be toys that will be given to disadvantaged children on Christmas Eve.

Another possibility is to collect basic necessities or foodstuffs and give them to a person in need or an association. In any case, a beautiful approach to reconnecting with the essence of Christmas: sharing and human warmth.


The artificial tree

The big dilemma! Natural or artificial fir? It may be thought that an artificial fir tree makes it possible to fight against the intensive production of firs. In fact, a study shows that a plastic fir should be used for 20 years to minimize its environmental impact when its lifespan is 6 years. To this can be added the harmfulness linked to the petroleum-based materials that compose it (plastic, aluminium, toxic paints but especially volatile compounds such as dioxin, ethylene dichloride, or even lead microparticles). Finally, aesthetically, I think he can’t match a real tree.

The natural fir tree

If you choose a natural fir tree, you must choose it produced in France, and ideally labelled organic (France Sapin Bio lists organic fir retailers in France), Plante Bleue or Label Rouge. It is also possible to rent it (Treezmas, Ecosapin, MyLittleSapin) !

And after Christmas? If you have opted for a natural fir tree, do not burn it because its positive impact on CO2 capture would be reduced to zero by the one it releases when burning. It will have to be replanted or taken to the waste disposal centre to be crushed.

For more information, read the full ConsoGlobe study.

The homemade Christmas tree

However, the most ecological solution remains to make your own tree. To do this, you will find many Do It Yourself to make an original Christmas tree. We opted for natural trees that are zero waste, or easy to store without taking up space and infinitely reusable.

sapin de noel mural naturel écologique et éthique
Some branches on the wall - Photograph by Michael Wiltbank
sapin de noel handmade tissé à faire soi meme artisanat
Weaving your tree
sapin de noel pas cher facile et écologique
Letters and scores - By Homestolove
sapin de noel mural écolo
A wall hanging by Almostmakesperfect or acquire one on Etsy
sapin de noel mural naturel facile et écologique
Or branch bouquets - Photograph by Michael Wiltbank
sapins de noel feutre handmade artisanat a faire soi meme do it yourself
A felt tree
sapin de noel floral fleurs séchées facile éthique écolo
A poetic fir tree of dried flowers - By Homestolove
sapin de noel mural deco diy à faire soi meme pas cher et facile
Origami assembly

Not a handyman?

sapin de noel mural écologique

The studio Greenmoods offers this year in a limited edition a fir printed wall hanging to decorate with small decorations or to leave as is. What we love is being able to store it easily and store it without taking up space for next year. In addition it is created and printed in France!

sapin de noel en bois made in france labellisé écologique

Another solution : Lesapinenbois launched this year its wooden trees in a Scandinavian style in spruce labelled PEFC and entirely made in France near Grenoble.



Tradition dictates that it shines, it must shine, lights everywhere, red, golden and brilliant colours. The cliché! Tastes and colours are not an issue. However, we can think of a more ecological and reasoned Christmas decoration. When you have a slow deco approach, you have often undertaken a form of return to basics. We can apply it to Christmas by choosing or making few but better decorative elements.

The decorative objects (balls, garlands, wall decorations…) sold in French shops are mainly made in Yiwu in China (while Chinese people do not even celebrate Christmas!). To learn more, about the magic of Christmas made in China, I invite you to watch that report. Beyond the significant carbon impact linked to transport from China to France, there are toxic paintings whose manufacture pollutes and from which organic compounds subsequently emanate. Or how to turn your home into a toxic bouquet of indoor air pollution for your holiday season!

Christmas deco to make yourself

You can opt for homemade nature garlands for an authentic and ecological decoration. A walk in the forest will allow you to find something to make pretty little decorations.

guirlandes de noel vegetales pommes de pin feuilles zero dechet
Vegetable garlands by Marie Claire Idées
guirlande vegetale noel colorée naturelle facile zero dechet
A vegetable garland and colored by Fleur Maison
guirlande de noel naturelle zero dechet
Pine cones garland
deco sapin de noel teinture vegetale diy a faire avec les enfants
Decorations in wood and wool dyed vegetally by Place of My Taste
couronne de noel vegetale zero dechet
Wreath of fir branches
deco de noel diy handmade artisanat
Cardboard DIY by Minted
deco de noel facile et ecologique a faire soi meme
Geometric suspension
guirlande de noel orange vegetal naturel zero dechet simple
A garland of oranges dried by Bricolage Facile
couronne de noel deco eucalyptus zero dechet
Eucalyptus and orange wreath by Regards et Maisons
deco sapin de noel diy faire soi meme
To be tinkered with with the children by Côté Maison
deco noel murale céramique artisanat
A suspension of salt dough and pieces of string
deco de noel à faire soi meme facile et ecologique
Leather and wooden bead by Monsterscircus
decos de noel diy a faire soi meme
Make your own pompoms to hang

“Made in France”

boules de noel teinture végétale made in france
Christmas ball ribbons by Daucustinctura (thanks Marion Etsideuxmains for this discovery!)
deco de noel verre coloré artisanat travail artisanal
Crystal decoration by Masanei
deco de noel bois a suspendre
Kikagaku made of recycled wood from Recycletbois
deco de noel made in france artisanat éthique
Bacononthegrill Metal Ornaments
decorations de noel made in france artisanat
Gingerbread man to hang or place by Delphine Plisson (thanks Deborah LittleGreenBee for this discovery!)
sapin de noel ceramique made in france artisanat ethique
Small ceramic Christmas tree by ByManet
deco de noel a suspendre bois made in france ecologique artisanat
Decos in Bacononthegrill wood scraps
deco sapin de noel a accrocher ceramique facile
Bacononthegrill's ceramic subjects

“Made in Europe”

The Glassor brand offers a wide selection of Christmas decorations made in Europe. I am not sure of the environmental impact of 100% of components, except for all-glass balls. On the other hand, they have the merit of being made by craftsmen in the Czech Republic, a country renowned for its glass work.

boule de noel cloche verre made in europe
decoration sapin de noel à suspendre verre made in europe traditionnel
boule de noel rayée colorée made in europe artisanal verre
deco de noel boule verre sapin made in europe


There is a plethora of second-hand Christmas decorations on Leboncoin, Facebook Marketplace, and resourceries. If you do not find what you are looking for in this condition, you can find the materials you need to make your decorative do-it-yourself projects.


With Aurélie from Greenmoods, we decided to talk to you about Christmas decoration for two by splitting up the topics rather than offering redundant items. I invite you to discover her article “Décoration de Noël éco-responsable, est-ce possible ?” as well as the article dedicated to table decoration and small decorative objects for an eco-responsible Christmas.

Greenmoods is a blogzine that inspires an eco-art of living in a positive and optimistic state of mind. Aurélie is passionate about China and has furnished her house almost exclusively with china rooms without giving up aesthetics, so inevitably, we could only get along! I also invite you to discover his articles dedicated to Slow Home.

Each link and idea is the result of a deliberate choice. No link is the result of any partnership or sponsorship.

Sources : by clicking on each photo


  1. September 11, 2019 / 9:57 pm

    I love your list of sustainable Christmas decorations! Nowadays, it’s really important to consider the sustainability of the products so that you can save up for other expenses. I think I’ll be doing an eco calendar this year to plot all of my holiday appointments.

    • September 13, 2019 / 7:42 am

      I am looking forward to seeing your eco calendar ! 🙂 Don’t hesitate to share, I always love to discover new ideas !

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