Californian Slow Home

An atypical trio of colours inspired by Californian houses that invite the sun. You could almost hear the waves in the distance.

Sustainable household linen

The setbacks of the textile industry in the clothing industry are the same for the decoration sector. Guide of materials to avoid and those to favour.

Sustainable slow ceramic

Crafts are not always ecological. Deciphering a ceramic production that respects the environment and its craftsman.

A healthy and sustainable paint

Standard paints, even those rated A+, emit VOCs that are harmful to health and pollute. French brands now offer eco-responsible alternatives.

Immersion in a resourcery

New modern flea markets are bringing new life and promoting objects that no one wants anymore: resourceries, also known as recycling.

An authentic Berber carpet

tapis berbere marocain authentique symboles laine

Today, the mass market is very trendy and has adopted the Berber carpet. Let’s discover the criteria for recognizing the authentic Berber carpets of Morocco.

A healthy and ecological wallpaper

The printing of wallpapers is polluting and emits harmful VOCs several months after installation. Let’s discover how to recognize brands with an eco-responsible approach.

Natural candle ecological and healthy

When a candle burns, it emits VOCs that are harmful to our health. We help you choose your candles for a limited impact on your health and on the planet.

An ecological cotton decoration

Light on the cotton industry and its setbacks: extreme pollution and illegal and inhuman working conditions on the other side of the world.

Back to basics with Caroline Gomez

Slow designer Caroline Gomez gives us her vision of the art of the essential in everyday life, which she applies to her brand La Maison E.