Back to basics with Caroline Gomez

Caroline Gomez is a designer and creative director. She has worked on various objects for the home, collaborations with eco-responsible brands, but also photographs and editorial projects. I am his work that I have been loving for some time now. Authenticity, simplicity and softness emanate from his creations… A few weeks ago, she launched her own brand La Maison E (formerly The Art of E) composed of objects that reflect her philosophy of life. I was delighted that she agreed to answer my questions!


Caroline Gomez 

Her philosophy

In 2009, Caroline Gomez began a personal reflection process through her work on object design. From a production mode point of view, she decided to work against the flow of mass production by having her objects made exclusively by craftsmen. She also questions the function of the object and always thinks of it as something obvious, timeless, and ideally has several functions.

We often associate his practice with slow design, I asked him what his definition was:

“It is a reasoned production, in other words one that is neither massive nor industrial. It also means taking the time to do things. I also love working on parts on order. I find it beautiful to say to yourself that you order something and it will only be realized for yourself, because someone really needs it and you don’t work for a purchasing concept, you work for a specific buyer. I think it’s important to bring back human. I obviously believe that it also means choosing natural materials that respect the environment. There is a real ecological dimension.”

Her home

Like her objects, she advocates minimalist interiors where the essential reigns. But essential does not mean sober and bland. Nor is it a question of renouncing comfort and aesthetics, which are essential. “On the contrary, it’s about surrounding yourself with everything you love, while rejecting overbidding.”

When asked how she manages to have such a tidy, bright and pleasant house, she answers that she is satisfied with the essentials. She does not clutter herself with objects she does not use and does not hesitate to give associations the furniture and objects she has grown tired of.

“I think objects are made to be transmitted, to have several lives. The important thing is also to ask yourself, “Do I really need all this?” The less you have, the easier it is to breathe. Objects can be suffocating sometimes.”

Moreover, she likes to take the time to select THE product she likes and will like in several years to avoid accumulating things.

“I love choosing the things around me very well. If I have to buy a watering can for my plants, I don’t care if I look for a month, but it will be the watering can, the good one, the one that makes me happy when I look at it and that is very functional. But at least I’ll only have one, I won’t want to change it next month.”


Her chinese portrait

If you were an object? A pencil, because it is through the pencil that the idea is born on paper.

If you were sent to a desert island, what are the three objects you would take with you? A pencil and a notebook to never bore me, and a soup plate La Maison E to drink and eat.

Maison E

The brand

Maison E evokes the art of the essential. The brand is the culmination of eight years of reflection and provides a framework for Caroline Gomez’s philosophy of life. Through this brand, it is also a question of restoring all its meaning to what is essential. Far from marketing uses and preconceived ideas.

Most of them are made of durable, high-quality objects made of local materials, respecting the environment and traditional manufacturing techniques. The objective is also to extend the object to its context by presenting a certain way of life.

On the eshop, we find the fruit of his work with a ceramist, a chantourneur, a dyer and a soap dish-washer: porcelain dishes, wooden trays, natural household and cleaning products, and coloured cloths using natural dyes.

The craftsmen are local because she works on the design of her objects within their workshops, as close as possible to the material and know-how. However, Caroline Gomez goes where hands know how to do most of all. She is currently working on textile projects that will be unveiled before the end of the year. In the future, she would like to design leather objects again and discover the work of glass, sandstone and basketry.

The home

In the continuity of the brand La Maison E and in this search for an art of living that comes down to the essential, Caroline Gomez has acquired a traditional Landes house in a small hamlet between sea and land. It is a house dating from the 1900s, formerly inhabited by resin makers. The renovation will be carried out using as many natural raw materials as possible, with open spaces and only obvious objects.

“Here we take the time to live fully and simply, to appreciate freedom, clarity and rest. House E is a place where you let go, where the days are dictated by the sun and the wind.”

The Maison E will open its doors for various appointments from 2019 to be found online.

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