Art and crafts in slow decoration with Anne Sirot (Première Oeuvre)

A sustainable decoration carries within it the notion of respect for the environment, but also for the human being, and therefore for well-being. There is a kind of virtuous circle here: when you feel good, you want to take care of others, and of the planet. I don’t know about you, but for my part, to feel good, I need to surround myself with handmade pieces, and objects that I find beautiful. In other words, art and crafts.

There is a kind of renewal at the moment with a return to handicrafts, the birth of neo-artisans and a renewed general interest in crafts, art and creation. I wanted to understand this phenomenon a little better by asking Anne Sirot, founder of Première Oeuvre.

Art & Crafts in slow deco

How would you define slow deco?

Surround yourself with objects connected to your emotions. An irresistible desire to put in its interior this new acquisition that makes us vibrate, that illuminates our day, brings us happiness. A decoration that looks like us, without accumulation!

What does an artist's or craftsman's piece bring to a decoration ?

This makes it possible to ensure that your interior is unlike any other by affirming your choices, your tastes and your subjectivity. Deciding to live with a work of art must be a simple, playful, less solemn act. Each of us can support contemporary creation, allow artists to express themselves and exhibit themselves.

What is the purpose of a work of art in a decoration, unlike its role in a museum ?

A work of art in the home conveys messages and shows what is all around things. The immaterial, what emerges from a representation, what raises questions, what brings emotion. The artist feels and offers us his translation. He creates works that touch us directly so that we can look at the world in a different way. These unimportant things, where the artist offers his gaze. Through his practice, he manages to magnify a simple idea into a luminous subject of meaning and emotion. He transfigures the banal and brings out the essence of everything. In a museum institution, the work of art can intimidate or keep the viewer at a distance.

Why do we need more and more to surround ourselves with objects that bear the trace of the work of Man’s hand ?

These objects have a sensitive and singular history where the artist and craftsman are the links between emotion, matter and finished work. Art and craftsmanship are a human and sensitive imprint that testifies to the passion, creation, invention, sharing of a feeling and the beauty of the exchange. Faced with the rise of “ready-to-use” and standardized industrial products, craftsmanship favours skilled handcraft and the use of authentic materials. He gives himself time to do things. This seems to us to be a way of promoting know-how where personal competence leads to the development of those who create and those who buy.

Photographies : Première Oeuvre


Can you tell us more about your approach through Première Oeuvre ?

After studying law and the Louvre School and a few years with the auctioneers, I felt the desire to make contemporary art less intimidating in the eyes of the general public.

Ensure that painting is not only intended for museums, major collectors and institutions.
This is how the Première Oeuvre project was born in 2014. Recently, and with the idea of proposing a complete universe, I present the work of craftsmen around the claytextile or wood. To make art and crafts rhyme in order to give authenticity to our living spaces. To share a certain vision of contemporary artistic creation and its actors. To share their stories and inspirations, to present unique works and to share beautiful moments for all this we organize exhibitions. Give the opportunity to discover and buy the work of our artists and craftsmen in serenely during events in beautiful spaces. Make art more accessible. Make these events a caring and inspiring place.

Why did you move from a gallery concept to the organization of ephemeral events ?

Maybe to leave a world that is too virtual and get closer to people, to hear and share about the work of our artists, to give them the opportunity to talk about their works and to leave their workshops! In recent years we have had the opportunity not only to discover people who each in their own way try to offer beautiful creations, but who also remind us how interesting it is to live with this little more humanity that is art. Celebrate and share an accessible, sensitive and humble art form. As an arts event organizer, we carefully research and select the works, people and concepts that we believe deserve to be shared. By emphasizing a joyful and reflective conception of artistic expressions, we want to tell a story by mixing a certain “art of living” with artistic creations.

How do you choose a work or a piece ?

My first approach when I encounter an artist’s work is to try to trust me and appreciate, without over-intellectualizing, his work. Then comes the encounter between someone who looks at me and the artist, affinities are created and very touching bonds are created. Finally, the work must be singular, personal and authentic. We receive so many images with smoothed or standardized aesthetics that my role is to offer those who come to our exhibitions a universe that seduces them with its diversity and commitment. For crafts or art, the design remains, for the most part, environmentally friendly. It is the notion of time that for me is the most characteristic of a “slow deco” approach. At a time when everything is produced and consumed quickly, the artist and the craftsman are constrained by the material, the reflection, the weather, their moods… Slowing down allows more often than we think to create beautiful creations bearing all the richness of a personality.

Thank you Anne !

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