“The transformation of our society must involve an inner transformation – including reconnecting to ourselves and to the objects around us.”


As a child, I moved the furniture in my room at least 27 times. As a student and young executive, I moved into 10 different apartments in 4 different cities, alone, as a roommate, as a couple.

Over the last few years, I have been able to observe the impact of the layout, colours and materials on my mental and creative state. In 2015, I decide to create a cocoon in my own image. I discover Ilse Crawford and the notion of sensorial decoration: a revelation. What had been intuitive was now making sense. It invites us to create an interior that satisfies our senses and our primary needs, timelessly and in our own image.

While I already consume organic food and pay attention to my purchases, it is in 2017 that a real ecological awareness is made concerning decoration. When we create a space for ourselves, a refuge for our development, we naturally become interested in the impact on our health and on the planet of what surrounds us. This is how the notion of slow deco came about, combining notions of well-being, health, aesthetics and ecology.

What is slow decoration or slow deco?

At the time, eco-responsible decoration was little known and undesirable. I discovered a few committed brands, but they were difficult to identify. I begin to share the fruit of my research on what will become My Green Cocoon.

Today My Green Cocoon is the reference multi-media for sustainable, ecological and healthy decoration. A blog, online courses, accounts Instagram and Pinterest, to give individuals and professionals alike access to trusted information and inspiration.




Decorate according
to yourself
#homepositive and
at the service
of your well-being


A habitat
but without
giving up beauty


With a preparatory class and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communication obtained at the ICN Business School in Nancy (France), completed by training in graphic design for a global vision, I have been a branding consultant since 2019. I accompany committed entrepreneurs who want to create a unique brand that reflects their image.

Since the creation of My Green Cocoon, I have been able to observe the pitfalls of many committed brands: total look green, overused and impersonal language, eco-responsible positioning without any real singularity…

I believe there is a compelling need to make ecology desirable to support a transformation in consumption patterns.

Today, consumers are looking for brands that adopt a slow, authentic and transparent communication and give pride of place to a humanist marketing.

With the Branding and Communication Agency My Green Cocoon, I surround myself with complementary professionals (web developer, photographer, …) who are also passionate about putting our knowledge of the eco-responsible decoration and interior design sector at the service of the brands and craftsmen of the sector.


Nina Chardin


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